💜 See You in the Fall! 💜

That time has finally come! Time for new beginnings and putting this year behind me. While there was much good and many blessings, I count this awakening as a precious one.

I am excited for a fresh start FREE of negativity and bad memories. I’ve committed to my first ever Yoga retreat soon and it will be a fantastic relaxing kick off to a great summer while my baby is in New York having a well deserved adventure until fall. And I can stave off high school angst just a while longer 💗

And while the scene at the upper falls at Tahquamenon this week was a little anxiety inducing to say the least, we are returning home tick free (yes, it’s a thing!) and all in one piece with our health intact. (No Lyme disease here 🤢)

Feeling a beautiful spiritual renewal and faith and excitement for what’s to come, I’m starting me over from the ground up and will see you all in September! Have a great summer 🌞🌞🌞

Thank you!